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About The Foundation

The Thornhill Heritage Foundation was founded in 2009 to own and maintain assets deemed to be of significant heritage, historic, cultural importance, or of major financial value



About The Robert West House

The Robert West Heritage House, as 7780 Yonge Street is known, is the only house in Thornhill to be continuously inhabited by the same family since it was built. Robert Arthur West (1816 - 1884), an English immigrant, came to Upper Canada in the 1830s. 



About Mrs. Keith

Katherine Louisa Keith (nee West) was born in Toronto in 1912. She was the great grandaughter of Robert West and became his last living descendent.


In 2008, with her advancing age, she decided that the best way to ensure that the house was preserved was to donate it 




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Free Lesson 1
Topic Group Of Seven
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